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Teaching Tutorials on Lectra's Kaledo 

Currently, I teach a digital design class where the end product for students is a digital portfolio exhibiting their design skills and knowledge. Throughout the semester, I teach Lectra's Kaledo design programs Style, Print, Weave, and Knit, where students progress through the creative design process to develop graphics, print & patterns, technical sketches, and line plans.

I have a YouTube channel @lauramcandrewsphd where my teaching tutorials are available. Below are the linked videos for Kaledo, however, my channel includes other videos as resources for educators. 

Kaledo Style Tutorials
I begin the semester by introducing Kaledo Style for students to create mood
and inspiration boards, graphic artwork, and logos. 
Kaledo Style Tutorials
Going further in Kaledo Style, students are taught how to create flat sketches in the program, arrange their collection in line plans, along with creating a design lead sheett which is the first page in the technical pack.

Technical Flat Sketch Creation

Design Lead Sheet Creation

Kaledo Print Tutorials
This CAD software is designed for textile design work. Creating market-right and cost-effective prints from scanned fabrics, original artwork, or from scratch is a huge part of the design process. Understanding how to adapt images or create original prints is vital in fabric design. In addition, students create various print layouts and understand the time and cost implications of designing  – tossed, 2-way, 1-way, and border/engineered prints.
Kaledo Weave Tutorials
This CAD software is designed specifically for creating weave patterns. Students gain a deeper knowledge of the various weave constructions and how to develop various patterns in this CAD software.
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