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Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to create a classroom environment that engages creative problem-solving, fosters productive and meaningful group dynamics, and trains interpersonal and leadership skills. First, the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate is a vital key for success. Therefore, thoughtfully expressing ideas is a fundamental skill my students cultivate. In turn, by students expressing their thoughts and in listening to others, belief systems can be expanded and a greater understanding and empathy are attained.  

Second, productive group dynamics is a challenge in any industry. Thus, I facilitate group activities, debates, and presentations pertaining to course material and real-world topics. These group projects allow students to learn from each other and troubleshoot problems. Finally, regardless of the course topic, my goal is for students’ learning to go beyond content specific, and be ready to implement, manage, and resolve interpersonal challenges they may face in a work environment. Success in any situation is how we relate to people and manage conflict. I want to give my students the skills to thrive in difficult situations. I hope I can instill integrity, open communication, and the ability to question themselves and others respectfully.  

Course Design

Here are selected courses, I have designed and taught. Please click through the for teaching materials and examples of student work. Reach out if you are interested in discussing any of the courses!


3 credit, required pre-req for major ~ 60 students

This course is an introduction to the trends and influences of the fashion industry by identifying various career and product categories in fashion merchandising. 

Apparel Design

3 credit, required course ~18 students

In this upper level course students are introduced to pattern making, draping, sewing and garment construction in a critical and creative context. These skills are taught within the creative design process where students take their fashion illustrations and create garments. 

Digital Design

3 credit, elective course ~20 students

In this elective upper level course, students are introduced to the creation of fashion design using Lectra's Kaledo studio. This course is designed as a stepping stone for students' own investigations, interests, and professional goals, as well as a spacer exploration and experimentation. 

Ana Urrego, M.S. 2017

“Dr. McAndrews not only played a pivotal role in shaping my academic journey but also inspired and challenged me in ways that have truly transformed my approach to research and learning. As a professor, she made learning fun yet instilled a deep sense of purpose and importance in what we were learning. As my thesis advisor, her guidance and support were instrumental in the success of my thesis and staying on track in my graduate studies. I am so grateful to have met her in my time at UGA."

Lindsay Portwood, B.S. 2023

"I am not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Laura taught me everything I know about fashion design, specifically in the digital realm. Her classes were always challenging but engaging and inspired me to reach for a deeper meaning, get creative, or try something I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to attempt. Without her instruction, I never would have earned the title of Fashion Scholarship Fund Scholar, and I'll forever be grateful for her willingness and design to help her students in any way she can, especially when it comes to achieving their goals."

Ali Pipta, B.S 2014

“During my time at Mizzou almost 10 years ago I had the opportunity of being in Dr. McAndrews' classroom. This environment was an exceptionally genuine and relatable atmosphere. She exuded an unwavering enthusiasm for teaching and for the fashion industry and textiles. She always provided valuable insight into the realness of the fashion industry and left out the glamour. ”
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