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Fashion Fundamentals

This course is an introduction to the trends and influence of fashion in society by identifying the various careers and various product categories in fashion merchandising by discussing the innovative processes that sustain the fashion business. I use the textbook In Fashion by Elaine Stone & Sheryl A. Farnan

Career Paths in the Fashion Industry Project

To help students plan for their future career, I have them research a position in the fashion industry that is of interest to them (in other words their dream job) and find supporting job positions that would propel them toward this end goal. Students determine the type of fashion business, find supporting sources of information, and deliver their findings in a video pitch.

Student Examples

Vanessa Gissel

Elaine Garvey

This project came out of my experience in the fashion industry and a desire to expose students to all the possible jobs they could build in their careers. With my knowledge and experience in cross-functional teams, I can both mentor undergraduate students and contribute research in this area. Linked is my research publication that I use with this project. 

Hidden Voices Analysis and
Development Project

Through a collaboration with Carter's Clothing, this video was created as a teaching resource to introduce students to different consumer perspectives.
Throughout this course, students have learned about several aspects of the fashion industry. The functions of fashion design, merchandising, and marketing are vital aspects that must work together to meet consumer needs and wants. After a discussion on the hidden voices in the apparel supply chain, students then research an under-served target market. Historically, the fashion industry has lacked diversity in providing apparel products, which is discussed throughout the course. In this research paper, students analyze the different functions we have learned in fashion fundamentals by providing apparel products that are more inclusive of U.S. consumers.
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