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Fashion Industry Experience

Manager Product Development/Production – Women’s Knit Tops (2009-2010)

Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie Brand, Philadelphia, PA

Manager Pre-Production – Women’s Knits, Associate Manager, Assistant Manager (2005-2009)

Gap Inc, Gap Brand, New York, NY

Associate Merchandising Manager; Assistant Merchandising Manager (2003-2005)

I2 Concepts, New York, NY

Assistant Fabric Manager (2002-2003)

Ralph Lauren Children’s Wear, New York, NY

Industry Projects

Educational Partnership
Lectra, Smyrna, GA (2018 - Present)

Along with my department, I partnered with Lectra, a digital design solutions company, which gifted a $3 million software update to UGA's TMI department as an Educational Partnership. In Summer 2018, I collaborated in creating an active learning computer design lab as well as spending two weeks at the Smyrna, GA headquarters office of Lectra to be trained on the design software suite Kaledo – Style, Print, Weave, and Knit. I then implemented the new Lectra Kaledo software in Fall 2019, in my apparel digital design course.

Sublimation Printer and Heat Press User
Mutoh (2019 - Present)

After receiving $30,000 in funding from my college,  I acquired a Mutoh dye sublimation printer and heat press and established a popular creative space where students experiment with their product design ideas. In addition, students actively engage in all phases of the creative design process by seamlessly utilizing each of the three Barrow Hall Creative Spaces to take their abstract ideas to a tangible product. 

Product Development and Design Specialist
U.S. Department of Trade Representatives, El Salvador. (2018-2021)

From 2018-2021, I was a content expert for this capacity building educational program for textile and apparel supply chain member in El Salvador

Product Development and Design Consultant 

TEXOPS, El Salvador. (2012)

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For the summer of 2012, I consulted with TexOps to train employees in design and product development. 

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